G I O C O N D A    B A R B U T O


Professional Dance Experience
2007-2017Birth-Day Celebrating Kylian Festival, Den Haag, Netherlands, KorzoTheater, 2017
                 4OUR / JOE INK/ Joe Laughlin
                 Vancouver BC, Dance Centre 2015 / Atlantic Canada Tour, September 21-October 5 2016
                 Stuttgart-Performance / Birth Day / Kylian productions
                 Holland Dance Festival / Martino Müller, Den Haag, Netherlands, 50th Anniversary of Nederlands Dans Theater
                 Coeur en Tete / Gala Performance, Salle Pierre Mercure, Montreal, Canada
                 Kylian Le Grand / Danse Danse, Montreal, Place des Arts & Quebec Tour, Ottawa, National Arts Center
                 Paradox (former NDT3) Spoleto Festival, Italy 2007, Dance Salad, Festival USA 2007, Athens, Greece 2008,
                 Bochum Festival, Germany 2009, Kylian Program
                 Margie Gillis Dance Foundation, M.Body.7
                 Vancouver International Dance Festival, Place des Arts, Montreal, Grand Theatre, Québec City
                 Gioconda Barbuto & Emily Molnar / Lifelines, Choreographers & Dancers: Gioconda Barbuto & Emily
                 Molnar, Montreal & Vancouver,  Canada (L’Agora, Dance Centre, 2008)
                 Coleman/Lemieux & Co. US Tour, James Kudelka Program
1998-2006Nederlands Dans Theater III / The Hague, Netherlands / Artistic Director: Jiri Kylian
                 Choreographers/Jiri Kylian/Trompe l’Oeil,Compass, Away Alone, Archimboldo, Birth-Day, Car-Men
                 Hans Van Manen/Zero Hour, Two Faces, Paulo Ribera/New Age, Paul Lightfoot/Small Moves, Squeaky Wheel
                 Michael Schumacher in collaboration with the Artists of NDT3/The Moment, Johann Inger/Couple of    Moments, Shusaku  Takeuchi/Sight,                   Windage,Land, Meryl Tankard/Merryland,Robert Wilson/2 Lips and Dancers and Space
2006         Jiri Kilian / NPS Producers / Directed by Jiri Kilian / Boris Pavel,Czech Republic/Title: Car-Men (Film)
2004         Gioconda Barbuto Solo Work / Respiro Artistic Director & Dancer: Gioconda Barbuto
                 Montreal, Canada- Tangente
2003         Judith Marcuse Dance Projects / Scenes from a Shared Life, Choreographer - Judith Marcuse, Vancouver,Canada
1997         Margie Gillis and Friends / Respiro, U.S. Tour / Choreographer-Performer / Gioconda Barbuto
                 Bravo Fact / Café Bohème , Filmed in Vancouver for TV / Choreographer-Performer:Gioconda Barbuto
1980-1996Les Grands Ballets Canadiens / Montréal,Canada Corps de Ballet / 1982-1984 Demi-Soloist / 1984-1996 Soloist
1996         Montréal Danse Théâtre / Soleil Noir , Choreographer - Miriam Naisy / Montréal,Canada
                 Fortier Danse Création / La Part des Anges / Choreographer - Paul-André Fortier / Montréal,Canada
1993         Margie Gillis Dance Foundation / A Gathering, Montréal,Canada / Choreographer:Stephanie Ballard
                 Volet Interprète VI, Danse Cité / Montréal,Canada Choreographers - James Kudelka,Ginette Laurin, Paul-André Fortier,Jeanne Renaud Dancers - Gioconda Barbuto, David Rose, Daniel Souliers
                 Festival Ballet / Findings,  Banff Centre for the Arts / Banff,Canada / Choreographer - Brian Macdonald
1997-1980Minnesota Dance Theater / Minneapolis, USA / Artistic Director Loyce Houlton    

Choreographic Works

2017         Oregon Ballet Theatre / bringingoutsidein,  Artistic Director-Kevin Irving
                 Choreography XX Competition winner, Music collage / Portland,USA
                 TU Dance / Footprint,  Artistic Directors / Uri Sands & Toni Pierce,
                 Music/Gabriel Prokofiev - Re Staged- St Paul, Minnesota
                 Ballet Kelowna / Eight & Sand,  Artistic Director-Simone Orlando
                 Music/Gordon Lightfoot – Kelowna, Canada
                 Arts Umbrella Dance Company / Stand By, Artistic Director-Artemis Gordon
                 Music/Collage / Vancouver, Canada
                 l'École supérieure de ballet du Québec / Ziquezon, Artistic Director-Anik Bissonnette
                 Music/La Bottine Souriante / National Assembly - National Ballet School of Canada, Toronto, Canada
2016         Dutch National Ballet Academy / Artistic Director-Jean-Yves Esquerre
                 Till Then (ReMix), Music/VariousArtists/ Amsterdam Holland.
                 Arts Umbrella Dance Company / The Long Way Home, Artistic Director-Artemis Gordon
                 Music/Hauschka & Hildur Guonadottir- ABlack6, Sarah Neufeld- Hero Brother
                 École supérieure de ballet du Québec / One on One /Eleonore Thomas
                 École supérieure de ballet du Québec / Ziquezon, Artistic Director-Anik Bissonnette
                 Annual Production-Graduating Students / Music- La Bottine souriante
2015         TU Dance / Footprint, Artistic Directors Uri Sands & Toni Pierce,
                 Music Gabriel Prokofiev /St Paul, Minnesota
                 École supérieure de ballet du Québec / One on One / Pénélope Abram    
                 Arts Umbrella Dance Company / You Are Here, Artistic Director-Artemis Gordon, Music/Various Artists
                 Simon Fraser University Dance / Corticle Shifts / Composer/Gabriel Prokofiev  
2014         École supérieure de ballet du Québec / Artistic Director-Anik Bissonnette / One on One / Pier-Loup
                 École nationale de cirque / L’Abri, Annual Production-Graduating Students, Music/Various Artists
                 Arts Umbrella Dance Company / Running Not Away, Artistic Director-Artemis Gordon , Composer/Gabriel Prokofiev
                 Ballet BC / immix,  Artistic Director-Emily Molnar, Composer/Gabriel Prokofiev, Vancouver Canada
2013         École nationale de cirque / Annual Performance-Prelude, Music: Various Artists
                 École supérieure de ballet du Québec / One on One / Martha Hart
                 École supérieure de ballet du Québec / M.O.R. / Artistic Director-Anik Bissonnette, Composer, Max Richter
                 Arts Umbrella Dance Company / Summer with a little bit of Winter, Artistic Director-Artemis Gordon, Composer: Max Richter
2012         Arts Umbrella Dance Company /In The Long Run, Artistic Director-Artemis Gordon, Music/Compilation
                 École supérieure de ballet du Québec / One on One / Solos
2011         Banff Summer Arts Festival / Uprooted, Artistic Director-Lindsay Fischer, Banff Canada, Composer/ Michael Oesterle
                 Jeune Ballet de Quebec / Volume, Artistic Director-Anik Bissonnette, Montreal, Canada
                 Arts Umbrella Dance Company / Uprooted, Artistic Director-Artemis Gordon, Vancouver, Canada, Composer: Michael Oesterle      
                 Ballet BC / Touch, Artistic Director-Emily Molnar / Vancouver,Canada, Composer Anthony Genge, Turning Point Ensemble.
                 Ballet Kelowna / Capture, Artistic Director-David LaHay,  Kelowna, Canada, Composer: Michael Oesterle
                 Ballet Divertimento / Poursuite, Artistic Director-Yamandu Delgado, Montreal Canada
2010         Arts Umbrella Company / SlingShot (revisited), Artistic Director-Artemis Gordon, Vancouver, Canada,
                 Julliard / Solo for Stephanie Amurao, Artistic Director-Larry Rhodes, New York City, USA
2009         Ballet BC, Artistic Director: Emily Molnar, Vancouver, Canada   Title: Clique / site specific work
                 You Dance/ National Ballet of Canada, Artistic Director: Lindsay Fischer, Toronto, Canada    Title: Variety Pact
                 White Birch Ballet, Artistic Director: Darlene Williams, Saskatoon, Canada   Title: Stand By 4
                 Arts Umbrella Dance Company, Artistic Director: Artemis Gordon, Vancouver, Canada / New York, USA    Title: Sling Shot
                 Ballet Divertimento, Artistic Director: Yamandu Delgado, Montreal, Canada Titles: X Marks the Spot / In the Midst of 3
2008         Ballet Kelowna, Artistic Director: David Lahay, Kelowna, B.C. & B.C. Tour, Canada Title: Negotiating Shifts
                 Solo / McKnight Artist Fellowship Award Choreography: Gioconda Barbuto
                 Dancer: Abdo Sayegh, Southern Theater, Minneapolis, USA Title: Traces of After

                 Arts Umbrella Dance Company, Artistic Director: Artemis Gordon Vancouver, Canada, New York, USA   Title: In Good Company
                 Bravo Fact Dance video filmed in Montreal, Canada for Television distribution, Title: Conversation
                 Gioconda Barbuto & Emily Molnar Choreographers & Dancers: Gioconda Barbuto &Emily Molnar.
                 Montreal & Vancouver, Canada (L’Agora, Dance Centre) Title: Lifelines
2007         Festival Ballet 60th Anniversary, Banff Centre for the Arts, Artistic Director: Brian Macdonald
                 Banff, Alberta, Canada   Title: Chiaroscuro (Restaged)
2005         CBC Canada/Films Piche Ferrari Producers / Canticum Canticorum (Film)
                 Produced and Directed by Pepita Ferrari, Choreography by Gioconda Barbuto / Montreal, Canada
                 Northwest Professional Dance Project / CheezeCakeStirgin, Artistic Director-Sarah Slipper, Portland,USA
2004         Respiro / Solo Work, Artistic Director & Dancer-Gioconda Barbuto, Montreal, Canada
                 Minnesota Dance Theater / One Fell Swoop, Artistic Director-Lise Houlton / Minneapolis,USA
                 Arts Umbrella Company / One More Time, Artistic Director-Artemis Gordon / Vancouver, Canada
2003         Ballet Jörgen / Untitled, Artistic Director-Bengt Jörgen / Toronto, Canada
2002         Nederlands Dans Theater Workshop / Café Boheme, The Hague, Netherlands
2001         Gala des Etoiles / Cantus, Artistic Director-Victor Melnikoff / Montreal,Canada
1999         Les Grands Ballets Canadiens / Piccolo Mondo, Artistic Director-Lawrence Rhodes / Montreal, Canada
1998         Bande â Part / Artistic Director: Louis Robitaille / Festival des Arts de Saint Sauveur Title: Duo
1997         Margie Gillis and Friends / Artistic Director: Margie Gillis / U.S. Tour   Title: Respiro
                 Les Grands Ballets Canadiens / Paseos & Inside Out Artistic Director-Lawrence Rhodes, Montréal,Canada
                 Alberta Ballet / Tangled Woods, Artistic Director: Ali Pourfarrokh / Calgary, Canada
                 Bravo Fact / Video filmed in Vancouver, Canada for Television distribution, Title: Café Bohème
                 Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal / Circuit,  Artistic Director-Yvan Michaud, Montreal, Canada
1996         FestivalBallet / Chiaroscuro, Banff Centre for the Arts/Artistic Director-Brian Macdonald/Banff, Canada
1994         Volet Interprète IV, Danse Cité / Montreal, Canada,Choreographers: James Kudelka,
                 Ginette Laurin, Danièle Desnoyers, Miriam Naisy, Jim Vincent. Dancers:Gioconda Barbuto,
                 Louis Robitaille,Anik Bissonette, Andrea Boardman,David Bushman

Movement Workshops / Coaching
2015-2017 RubberbanDance Group, Summer Intensive, Artistic Director: Victor Quijada, Domaine Forget, Canada
2010-2017Arts Umbrella, Ballet BC, ISDI, Artistic Directors-Artemis Gordon & Emily Molnar, Vancouver, Canada
2016          TransFormation Danse / Director-Lisa Davies/ Montreal, Canada
                  Yokohama Ballet Intensive / Director, Helen Price / 6 Day intensive/ Yokohama, Japan
                  École supérieure de ballet du Québec, Artistic Director: Anik Bissonnette, Montreal, Canada
2015          University of Minnesota/Director Diyah Larasati and Tu Dance School of Dance/Artistic Directors
                  Toni Pierce and Uri Sands. Minneapolis/St.Paul
                  Dutch National Ballet Academy ISDI / Artistic Director: Jean-Yves Esquerre, Amsterdam, Netherlands
                  Danse a la Carte – Multidisciplinary Creative Movement Workshop
2014          Qw4rtz – Vocal Quartet   Movement Coaching
2012-2013 École nationale de cirque / Artistic Director: Howard Richard
2010-2013 Banff Opera, Theater Arts Program, Artistic Director: Kelly Robinson, Banff, Canada
Professional Dance Training

1975-1977  Royal Winnipeg Ballet Professional Program / Winnipeg, Canada / Full Scholarship
                   Teachers: David Moroni and Jackie Webber,Performed in RWB productions of Paquita and The Nutcracker
1971-79      Banff Centre for the Arts, Summer Festival / Banff, Canada / Full Scholarship
                   Master Class Teachers: Vera Volkova,George Garcia, Earl Kraul, Maria Faye, Natalia Zolotova, DavidEarle, Alicia Alonzo,Eva Von Genczy
1966-1974 Gladys Forrester School of Dance / Toronto, Canada, Passed Royal Academy of Dance exams with Honours
2007           Conseil des arts et des lettres / Research Grant, Montreal, Canada Lifelines Project
2003           Canada Council/Production Grant/Established Dance Professionals,Montreal,Canada/Co-Production – Tangente
1993           Canada Council / B Grant for Performing Artists / Ottawa, Canada Co-Production project Volet Interprète IV
1989          Canada Council / B Grant for Performing Artists/ Research / Ottawa, Canada

Awards and Nominations

2017           Choreography XX Competition winner / Portland, USA
2015           McKnight International Choreographer, Artist Fellowship/ Minneapolis USA
2008           Bravo!FACT grant for Dance video / Canada
1996           Clifford E. Lee Award for Choreography / Banff, Canada
                     Nomination for Kennedy Centre Fellowship for choreography
1974           Graham B. Warren High School / Prima Inter pares Award /Toronto, Canada

                   RQD-Regroupement Québecois de la Danse / Montreal, Canada
                   Dancers Transition Centre / Toronto, Canada,  ACTRA