G I O C O N D A  B A R B U T O


                                            Movement Workshops
Encompassing, integrating, exploring and communicating, with a fun and direct approach that builds towards spatial awareness, improvisation, choreography and the development of physical language. These movement workshops can easily lend themselves towards Dance, Circus, Opera, Theatre and more...


"Gioconda's workshop is based upon three fundamental points necessary for a dancer to thrive: reactivity, imagination and collective consciousness. Bringing the individuality and personality of each artst as the centre of creation, the class proposes a series of improvisatons which by the universality of the themes she proposes -­‐ the question of ego, of presence and of expressivity -­‐ applies as much to dancers as to circus artists, actors and singers. Revolving around the question of exchange, the workshop takes place in only 2 hours and unfolds like a pre orchestrated performance and a formidable human and artistic adventure."
Thomas Birzan
TransFormation Danse

Rubberbandance Summer Dance Intensive

The Training Society of Vancouver

Yokohama Dance Intensive

Atelier de danse contemporaine /
Danse à la Carte

Dutch National Ballet Academy / Summer Dance Intensive

École nationale de cirque / National Circus School

Arts Umbrella / Ballet BC Summer Dance Intensive

Banff Centre Opera Festival

L’École supérieure de ballet du Québec

QW4RTZ Vocal Quartet

Le Jeune Ballet du Québec

Ballet Divertimento

Springboard Danse Montréal

Northwest Dance Project